Dead Man Walkin'

DMW album cover & disc face-final.jpg
DMW album cover & disc face-final.jpg

Dead Man Walkin'


Place your order now! To be released October 7 2014 on Freedom Train Records.  Recorded at Studio V and BAM Recording Studio.  Produced by Duffy Kane. 

"...Duffy Kane gives generously and conscientiously of his artistry and perspectives by way of music that, more often than not, kicks much righteous ass."   Excerpt from the liner notes written by A. Scott Galloway

Track listing:

  1. Roadhouse Boogie Woogie

  2. Danny Buchanan

  3. Dead Man Walkin'

  4. Duffy's Breakdown

  5. Sweeter Than

  6. Son of the Republic

  7. America the Beautiful

  8. Eyes of the World

  9. Growing Up Tree

  10. Why My Road

  11. Truck Driving Man


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