Release May 18, 2015: I came, I saw, I laid it bare for the world to see

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It was not uncommon in the ‘60s for artists such as Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash to see wrong and share what they saw with their fellow Americans.  Equally absorbing but of a different bent were the same kind of in your face songs by Jimi Hendrix and a little girl from Texas named Janis Joplin.  All were trail blazers as everyone of them stood out for their sense of righteousness and each in their own way delivered the messages of their day.  Who can forget Jimi’s over the top rendition of the Star Spangled Banner or Dan Fogerty’s verse, “I ain’t no senator’s son”.  God bless radio for being brave enough to air such ground breaking songs when they found them.  The thanks also goes to the artists and their labels for having the intestinal fortitude to record them in the first place.  Duffy Kane sees things that aren’t quite right and in that same historical sense lays it all out for not just America to hear but in today’s global setting, the world. 

Soon Todd Glazer Promotions will introduce Duffy Kane’s latest release “Dead Man Walking” to radio stations all around America and if lightning strikes twice America will stand up and take notice of another American troubadour who is hell bent on standing tall in a time of great change.  Duffy Kane is a prolific song writer and to say he slays an axe with precision would be an understatement.  This guitar slayer slash songwriter simply cannot help himself, what’s inside has got to come out. 
Mr. Kane is a veteran of what is known as the Americana Blues scene today.  It wasn’t known as that back when he started sharing his talents on stage - just the same as it wasn’t known as that for other roots performers back then either.  Duffy’s paid his show biz dues and toured with the greats for years all the while writing and releasing his own brand of riveting in your face songs.  Just as Jimi turned on “The Star Spangled Banner” Duffy likewise has given America a rousing and touching “America the Beautiful” and it will be released just in time for radio spins on the Fourth of July. 
Duffy Kane is an interesting individual.  He heard a new sound in his head and sought to capture it and so his only resolve was to build his own guitar, manufactured today as the “Telebastard”. Duffy wanted to be closer to the world of songwriting and recording so he has just announced the presence of his new recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  And, as laid out above he sees indignities and injustice, remembers an America of another era and cannot help but share what was as though it could be again.  “Dead Man Walking” definitely has its relevance as it is both a bit yesterday and rife with today’s sound.  Plus, if everything Duffy has going on isn’t enough the famed European booking agent Peter Holmstedt is lining up show dates across Europe.  Finally, the bow on top of it all is Duffy’s latest management moves which are being handled by none other than Michael B. Sutton, President, Imerica Entertainment, one of Michael Jackson’s producers and longtime Motown music man that ranks right up there with The Funk Brothers.  This is not Mike Sutton’s first rodeo.  His credits are numerous and his modesty is prevailing – he has a goal: share Duffy Kane with the world

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Cashbox Canada Magazine publishes another great review of "Dead Man Walkin" by Iain Patience

"Interestingly, Kane describes himself as being 'a craftsman' rather than an above the wire artist. Nevertheless, despite his protestations, his artistry shines brightly throughout this album, reflected clearly in the quality of the guitar-work, the strength of his song-writing, vocal talent and the overall production values brought to the table with this CD."  Read the full review here...

The Alternate Root reviews Duffy's last release, "Citizen Kane"

If Duffy Kane is in the room then the sound of guitar notes are filling the air. The man is a player, first and foremost. On his latest release, Citizen Kane, Duffy’s guitar presence is a constant. Though there is barely a moment when notes don’t flicker, there is never a feeling of guitar filler just to use the space up. Duffy Kane has a natural form with his playing. Many of tracks on Citizen Kane are instrumental, allowing the guitar to take center stage. Sonically, Duffy Kane fingers funnel a mix of jazz, blues, country and rock. Citizen Kane belongs to a universal sound and has no need to be ghetto-ized into a particular sound or style. “Diamond in the Rough” is a runaway train rhythm with notes flying by like blurred glances out the window of the steaming locomotive. “Why My Road” lets a slow cooked blues take control. The rhythm demands head nods while the frenetic guitar work acts like a strong cup of morning coffee for balance atop the lazy groove. Album opener “Hummingbird” flutters along over jazz rhythms that push the volley of notes flying from Duffy Kane’s guitar.      DANNY McCLOSKEY/RA

Musik Reviews Weekly Featured Artist - Duffy Kane

Duffy Kane looks like one tough hombre in is publicity shot and that may be true but if you listen to his music you know straight away that one picture does not define a man. It is the music of Kane that makes him. The sounds of Blues, Americana and Rock will come pouring out your speakers like a raging river, just hang on and hope you can stay afloat! Diversity rules the roost with the music of Mr. Kane and that is what got him his place on our site. He does it all very well.  READ MORE >

Frederick Gazette Article about Duffy's Return to the East Coast

Nicole Balenger of the Gazette interviewed Duffy in 2010 about his return to the Mid-Atlantic area after living in Utah:

"For one blues guitarist, the road less traveled took him from the East Coast to the dazzling sunsets of Utah and back again.

But even as he searched for answers and sought out a change in his life, one thing remained constant – his handmade guitar that stayed by his side."