Having played both Fenders and Gibsons  for many years, I began to imagine a guitar that was a cross between them – sorta like a Telecaster / Gibson 335 hybrid.  So I made my first guitar along the lines of a hollow body Telecaster.  I made it in the back yard with a hammer and a chisel.  After a lot of hard work I assembled what I affectionately call the “Telebastard”, named my new company The Hummingbird Guitar Co, and now make what I and others have come to know as one of the finest playing machines available.

The Telebastard is an inch wider at the lower bout than a standard Tele;  in addition it’s a half inch longer and half an inch thicker.  The guitar is completely hollow and the sustain block is chambered so all hollow chambers are connected.  The result:  a guitar that does everything a Telecaster does, but is warmer and more acoustic sounding.  In fact it is 50% louder acoustically than a Telecaster.

Now the best part…..I hand select excellent tone wood which allows me to tone test the lumber, but also choose exotic wood for strikingly beautiful guitars.  The finishes are nitro cellulose for the color, and hand rubbed tung oil for the clear coat.  The natural finishes allow the guitar to develop a vintage tone much more quickly than conventional, poly coated guitars.  Also, a tung oil finish is easy to repair:  a little sanding and reapplication does the trick.

In short, they are the coolest playing machines available for about half of Fender custom shop prices.  I also can choose from a wide array of necks, pickups, and hardware for more “custom” variations all with the same result:  a superior sounding and aesthetically beautiful hand crafted instrument that rivals and surpasses its vintage counterparts.

Duffy Kane

Please browse the photos above and read what other Telebastard owners have to say about their guitars.You can purchase a hand crafted Telebastard or Stratobastard built to your specifications.  
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"Plenty of snap, tons of thump, and gobs of bottom.  Plays as good as any Telecaster I've played and I've played 'em all."  Mark Fasbender, Barking Pig Studios, Salt Lake City UT

"I have never seen a guitar like this.  Plays better than any Fender I ever played.  It's an awesome guitar."  Mario Rivera, Ogden UT

"This guitar is the crown jewel of my collection.  The exceptional sound and depth of the low end vibrate from the head stock to the tail piece.  It is the Stratovarius of guitars"  J Parker, Fairfax VA