The Alternate Root reviews Duffy's last release, "Citizen Kane"

If Duffy Kane is in the room then the sound of guitar notes are filling the air. The man is a player, first and foremost. On his latest release, Citizen Kane, Duffy’s guitar presence is a constant. Though there is barely a moment when notes don’t flicker, there is never a feeling of guitar filler just to use the space up. Duffy Kane has a natural form with his playing. Many of tracks on Citizen Kane are instrumental, allowing the guitar to take center stage. Sonically, Duffy Kane fingers funnel a mix of jazz, blues, country and rock. Citizen Kane belongs to a universal sound and has no need to be ghetto-ized into a particular sound or style. “Diamond in the Rough” is a runaway train rhythm with notes flying by like blurred glances out the window of the steaming locomotive. “Why My Road” lets a slow cooked blues take control. The rhythm demands head nods while the frenetic guitar work acts like a strong cup of morning coffee for balance atop the lazy groove. Album opener “Hummingbird” flutters along over jazz rhythms that push the volley of notes flying from Duffy Kane’s guitar.      DANNY McCLOSKEY/RA